• Image of Thomas Truax 'Monthly Journal'

(2012) Album on CD, jewel case, booklet (Psychoteddy/BLANG)

The Monthly Journal album was written in twelve intervals over 2011. Tracks were conceived and completed within the window of each month, influenced by changing weather, news, events and moods. It was quite an eventful year for Thomas and while the album is richly varied in sound, texture and intensity, it sustains a dramatic and cohesive flow.

1. January Egg Race Dream
2. February What Ya Doin To Me
3. March Winds
4. April Showers
5. Free As Fireflies In May
6. Lost On The Moon In June
7. A Gold Star for Miss July
8. Midnight In August
9. Grandmother's Advice
10. Everything's Gone Halloween
11. November In Berlin
12. Family & Friends